Brave Beauties

How can it be, when it’s only April, that these have popped open in all their splendor?   As much as I love them, and all the other blossoming, burgeoning signs of new life everywhere, I’m afraid –  frightened that winter is not yet done with us, will roar through these flat plains one more time and slap down all this brave beauty.

I hope, hope, hope that I’m wrong, that it’s just my usual fear and foreboding, the old familiar mistrust that nothing good will stay.

Because  anything as brave and bright as these beauties should be allowed to shine, shouldn’t they?

What’s shining in your neighborhood these days?


8 thoughts on “Brave Beauties

  1. My hyacinths and daffodils have been glorious this year. Everything is so beautiful and cheers me greatly. I too worry that winter will raise it’s ugly head again. But for now – I’m enjoying Mother Nature’s beautiful show.

  2. What a beautiful photo.

    Everything is blooming here. It so beautiful I can hardly take it all in. Aren’t we fortunate?

    I hope cold temps don’t ruin all your beauty.
    Happy spring, Becca.

  3. I love the header with your byline, Becca!!
    The trees and daffs are blossoming here, thank goodness. It’s looking mighty green so hopefully there is no snow on the way!!

  4. In Charleston, SC the azaleas are blooming and yellow pollen covers our cars. I have noticed that overall, people seem happier and upbeat– those who aren’t fighting seasonal allergies, anyway! It’s fun to watch our corner of the world come alive in the spring. Here it lasts about two weeks and quickly turns into the an unbearable blanket of heat and humidity!

  5. Becca –

    On my side of the world, volcanic clouds threatens to block the sun. They can’t be seen, but airspace is closed, people are stranded everywhere.

    In newspapers are stories of how the previous ice age came to be….

    But for now I listen to the tulips, as they try to break through layers of brown leaves and earth. I close the door to the foreboding.


  6. The funniest, loveliest, most striking tulips I’ve ever seen bloomed in front of our Iowa house one Easter. The tulips were in full bloom, but the only thing visible was their color – they were up to their blossoms in snow!

    It was as though the flowers were little cups that had been carefully placed on a gorgeous white table cloth. Two days later, all the snow was gone, and they lived out their life without any further insults from Mother Nature.

    Amazing thing is – those are the tulips I always remember from my youth. If it hadn’t been for the snow, they would have been just another bunch of tulips. As it is, they shine in my memory.

  7. Everything is shining in my neighborhood these days, and I live in trepidation, like you, that something “will happen” and knock away this bounty. Returned from Ohio this weekend, where it’s even a week or so ahead of us – I’ve never seen anything so glorious. I kept thinking “You act like you’re from outer space!” but I couldn’t stop commenting, gasping and being dazed and delighted!

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