Situation Normal

You know what?  This has been a really normal week.  A week where things have gone according to schedule, where all assigned tasks have been completed, where some unexpected (but nice) opportunities have arisen. 

I liked it.

I could get used to this thing called normal.

See, I really like a routine.  I know that makes me somewhat pedantic and uninteresting, but I function best when things happen in a prescribed fashion, ideally one over which I have some control.  Deep in my heart of hearts, I’d like to be more of a free spirit,  wish I could go with the flow and take what comes.  But when things are up in the air, I get ansty and prickly.  Can’t help it…that’s just me. (See how self-aware I am, and I haven’t even taken the StrengthsFinder?)

Here’s what happened this week that I really liked…

~my weeping cherry tree blossomed beautifully.  oh yes.

~i got to accompany my friend’s church choir rehearsal last night.  hadn’t played the piano in three weeks!  yes, indeed, that felt good.

~it was so quiet in the office this week that i got all my work done in the allotted time and didn’t bring anything home with me for the weekend.  whew.

~got one step closer to completing the disbursement of my aunt’s estate – namely, preparing to finalize the transfer of her house to another of her nieces.   big smiles.

~walked two miles every day this week.  feelin’ fit in spite of pizza for dinner.

Here’s what I’m looking forward to…

~marathon men’s chorus concerts tomorrow at the University of Michigan, where I expect to hear and see some of my favorite young men from the high school.  brava!

~going to East Lansing next weekend with my friend C. while our men are away on a choir tour of their own.  yea for girlfriends!

~sleeping late tomorrow and then taking the doggies to the park.  nice.

~more spring like weather which is said to be on the way.  ahhh…

In short, I’m loving life in the normal lane. 

How about you?  What’s your situation these days?

5 thoughts on “Situation Normal

  1. Been busy here too, but in a very satisfying kind of way. We’ve got more rain (a lot more) on the way this weekend, but I’m hoping for nice weather after that so I can throw open the windows and get a few projects going. Yay for spring!

  2. I loved this post… doesn’t it feel good to catch up on some things, and work in quiet? I’m also in a pretty good place… this past week I was able to be home with the boys, spend quality time with them, and still get a lot of other work done. I even made it to the gym. I created a routine, a “plan”… and surprisingly, it worked!

  3. I love when that happens too. A perfect flow to my days, my week. It’s been hectic here cleaning up & doing construction after the flood. But I feel a slowing down and I KNOW that normal is coming shortly!! 🙂

  4. So awfully glad your normal is coming back! (Wish you had more time in EL this week!)

    I don’t feel like my life will ever be “normal” again — just varying degrees of abnormal, which may be my “new normal.” But someday — I must say, I did like having a weekend when I could pull a few weeds because I wanted to and they bugged me and not because I had to at that moment; could do a few tasks without being under the gun… that’s very nice indeed!

  5. I could have written this myself and probably have at some point. I always function best with a routine but have a secret longing to be a free spirit.

    So glad you’re enjoying “normal.”

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