Little Bit Sparkly

Sometimes at work we order lunch from The House of Ing, the Chinese restaurant across the street.  The other day my bosses daughter went to pick up our order, and the little Chinese lady who runs the place was admiring Erin’s diamond engagement ring.  “Pretty nice,” she admitted, flashing quite a bit of bling herself.  “Little bit sparkly…”

We all laughed because Erin’s ring is more than just a little bit sparkly.  It’s quite a stunner actually.  And I’m a pretty good judge of sparkly.

I like jewelry – in fact, one of my most cherished possessions is a tiny birthstone ring my uncle bought for me on my 6th birthday.  I have it still, although the band is bent and scratched from playing outside and riding bikes while wearing it.  I especially love jewelry that’s meaningful, which is why right now I’m wearing my mother in law and my aunt’s wedding bands on my right hand,  my grandmother’s engagement ring atop the eternity band Jim gave me when Brian was born, and a pendant necklance made from my mother’s engagment ring.  All these pieces connect me to women who were important in my life, and wearing them reminds me all day long of their love and their lives.

But sometimes, jewelry is just fun.  And that’s what these little sparklers are.  I got them from LuShae, an Austrailian based jewelry design company.  They have some wonderful pieces, unique designs and beautifully made.  Not just earrings, but pendants and rings as well. 

Check them out and get yourself something that sparkles – a little bit, or a lot.


One thought on “Little Bit Sparkly

  1. As much as I love jewelry, I don’t wear very much. Just my wedding and engagement rings and earrings, occasionally a necklace. But I do love looking at it all.

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