Back to the Grind

Two days have whizzed by since we returned from Florida.  The trip home was itself a small slice of hell.  Our plane was four hours late leaving the airport, meaning we didn’t arrive home until 2:00 a.m.  To add insult to injury, we had to dig the Charger out from under eight inches of snow that had fallen in our absence.   Jim’s peronalized license plate on the car was the only thing visible, and it’s message (In Chrg) was an ironic reminder of how little we really are- in charge, that is.

Not of the weather, certainly, for it has continued it’s snowy, blustery, murkiness ever since we got home.  The snow was swirling like a dervish this morning and there were cars spun out all over the road as I made my way to the office.

Not of our jobs, either, for mine has continued on it’s perilous spin out of control.  Work, work, work…and never get caught up.  A control freak’s nightmare.

But enough of all that.  It’s Friday night, I’m home safe and sound with lots of recorded stuff on the TiVo.  Who watchs Big Love out there?  Did you see last Sunday’s episode?  I was riveted to my chair – what will happen to those Henrickson’s next, I ask you? 

I had two books waiting for me in the mail delivery – copies for review later on this month over at Bookstack.  As well as a shipment of my favorite coffee, to keep me warm and caffienated while I read.

Small and simple pleasures, but all part of the daily grind of which I am at least a little bit in charge.


3 thoughts on “Back to the Grind

  1. Friday night and home safe — the same thought I was reveling in just a short time ago as I queued up an episode of Star Trek and sat down to dinner, after wrapping up my work for the day (and on a high note, no less). Aren’t Friday nights a relief?

    I heard about the trip from hell and the workday from hell that followed. Sorry you had to go through that disaster. Hopefully you will be able to realize maximum comfort potential from this weekend — that’s certainly on my to-do list for the next couple of days.

    • Back to Star Trek Friday nights, huh? Home alone entertainment 😉 Like my Sunday nights with Masterpiece Theater!

      Yeah, it’s been a pretty brutal couple of days. The work madness is never ending. Really glad it’s the weekend, even though tomorrow I have to get my tax stuff together. Wish me luck with that!

  2. Becca,
    I can’t believe I’ve missed so much of what’s been going on here.

    Glad you made it home safely and sorry things at work spinning “out of control.” I can’t stand “out of control” and I know you can’t either.

    I think everyone is longing for spring this year – more than usual. It has been a tough winter, but I know it’s worse in your part of the country and spring comes later to your neck of the woods. Hang in there. Jonquils and crocuses are hiding down there just thinking about popping up.

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