Write On Wednesday – True Love

I saw the most amazing movie yesterday – The Young Victoria, a cinematic portrait of Queen Victoria’s ascension to the throne and her courtship with Prince Albert.  It’s a small slice in the life of this long-lived and quite respected monarch, but it’s a potent one.  For unlike many royal’s Victoria did indeed marry for love, and the growing relationship between the two young people, their clear and obvious delight in each other’s company, respect for each other’s intelligence, and genuine concern and care for each other’s needs, was not only beautifully romantic, but inspiring.

The film ended as their first (of nine!) children was born.  And as I walked out of the theater, I couldn’t help but think that their love story was only just beginning at that moment, and wish the film could go on and on into the rest of their lives together.  For as exciting and enchanting as fresh love is, it truly does become sweeter when it stands the tests of time.

Watching Victoria and Albert, still just teenagers when they first become acquainted and fall in love, I couldn’t help but recall the early days of my own first love, when every moment together was charged with heady excitement, when each day held the anticipation of new discoveries, when each touch was electrified with meaning and desire.   It’s not realistic to expect human beings to retain those kinds of feelings about the same person for decades and decades, and after 33 years of marriage, it’s not always easy to reconnect with those feelings. 

While realistically one cannot return to those exciting moments of young love, I think you can reconnect with those feelings by coming to a deeper appreciation of what true love does become over time.  Being together for decades means surviving so many things – happiness’ certainly, but also trials and tribulations.   Life changes, for good or ill, can test true love, but also strengthen and sweeten it.  Recalling all the times my husband has stood by me when I was sad, or lonely, or frightened, reflecting on the ways he has supported me emotionally and practically – these memories are just as sweet those of the times we’ve laughed together, or shared the pleasure of watching our son grow up, or savored moments on foreign hillsides or simple walks in the park.  Having this good and gentle man beside me for every moment of life, even when it (and I!) are at our most unlovable, still makes my heart flutter with excitement.

Standing the test of time is one of true love’s greatest gifts.  It’s easy to forget how rare and important that is, easy to let the day to day routine usurp the small, sturdy gestures that keep love alive.  I was touched by  Eternal Celebration, Blue Mist’s story for Write On Wednesday this week, and the words of her character who says “Who remembers Valentines Day when you’ve spent 40 years in the marriage?”  But really, isn’t 40 years of togetherness all the more reason to celebrate?  For love that lasts so long, through the roller coaster ride of modern life, is the truest kind of love indeed.


8 thoughts on “Write On Wednesday – True Love

  1. So glad to get your “review” of this — I don’t think the movie has come here; alas, it’ll probably end up being a small-screen view. But I’ll definitely get it — sounds wonderful. And British history on top of love!

  2. I know only the barest of facts about Victoria and Albert. In this day of arrangments between the rich and famous that can be unusual at best, it’s good to be reminded of a love story like this. This is a film I think would be worth seeing.

  3. I can relate to your thoughts about first loves, new love and appreciate your insights about being married for 33 years. My husband and I went out on a “date” last night… just two hours, sitting at the bar of a restaurant about a block from our house. We shared appetizers and “caught up” with one another… as life gets so busy we rarely make time to do that. He said, “I’m glad we figured it out early.” I think he was saying the same thing you are in this post… approaching 10 years of marriage, we understand how love evolves during the twists and turns of life; we have experienced situations that made us evaluate and declare what our true priorities are. I pray for the opportunity to grow very, very old together.

  4. From where I sit at the beginning of a new marriage, I’m grateful to have chosen a man who stands by and supports me though hard times and makes me laugh myself silly all the time. It’s not always easy, but there’s a richness that comes with spending years together.

  5. Beautiful post! And I can’t wait to see that movie! I studied abroad in London and became enchanted by the Victoria/Albert story–she had monuments to him built all over the city, like the Royal Albert Hall and a gorgeous statue in Regents Park (I think that’s the correct park name). It seemed so romantic when I was studying there, newly in love myself, learning about a love that bucked the trend of marrying for power.

  6. I came here from ds…. I’ve enjoyed exploring your blog. I love the pace of your writing.. serene and thoughtful. Looks like we have some mutual blog friends too. This movie is on my TBW list, since I’ve been so busy catching up on all the Oscar nominated movies. But Young Victoria got 3 Oscar noms too: Costume Design, Art Direction, and Make-Up. Thanks for this review… love always is much more captivating than obligatory traditions among the royalties. I’ll definitely make this my next movie!

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