Write On Wednesday – Risky Business

Funny topic for me to choose, right?  Y’all know I’m no risk taker.  Probably the riskiest thing I’ve every done was walk out of a fancy-schmancy restaurant without paying the check.  (long story) 

Anyway, I’ve always played it safe. Chosen the road well traveled by, rather than the untrod pathway.  But there have been times when I’ve been filled with  a burning desire to “go rogue” ~ I recall my teenage years when I became an anti-war sympathizer (that would be Vietnam war), and a women’s rights activist.   But ditching college after freshman year to get married sort of put paid to all my counter-revolutionary tendencies.

The risk taking has remained all in my mind.  These days, I dream about tossing aside my job and going bohemian, living off my savings, maybe traveling around the world a time or two.  Dusting off those novels gathering dust on my “C” drive.  Living the life of the artist…

But I know I’ll never be brave enough to take the necessary risks to make that happen.  After all, I was raised to be responsible and practical, to be safe and sound.  Alas, after 50 some odd years, those are hard habits to break.

How about you?  Are you a risk taker? Or not?

It’s Wednesday – write about it.


8 thoughts on “Write On Wednesday – Risky Business

  1. I am a risk taker, but the risks are calculated, with much thought. So here’s what I think, how about dusting off one of those manuscripts and take a risk one step at a time? Read and revise, that’s all. One step at a time isn’t as scary as thinking of the big, desired end result. Then just research which agents represent that genre, etc. Before you know it, you’ve taken many small steps, chipping away at the big risk!

  2. No risk taker here. I’m the reliable and cautious one in my family.

    Give yourself a few more years, Becca. It isn’t too late to kick up your heels. You can still dance in the rain at 80… at least that’s what I tell myself.

  3. I read what I wrote and changed my mind. Waiting too long can be as risky as falling on our faces before we’re ready. I suppose it’s all about the particular kinds of risks we decide to take, and the time of life we decide to take them. Can you tell I’m conflicted about this? Too much analyzing… maybe that’s my problem.

  4. I’m absolutely no risk taker….my stomac turns already at the idea. When I read your sentence about going behemian and living off your savings I can’t help thinking “what!? are you out of your mind?”

  5. I’m probably more of risk-taker than I think, but far less than I’d like to be. I like a good, quiet life, with lots of routine. Oh, that’s so boring.

  6. Back in the day, when I’d thrown it all over and started my own business and gone through my savings and occasionally bought gas for the car with quarters and dimes – that wasn’t so terribly fun. On the other hand, it always amazed me I was continuing to survive.

    I spent a lot of years trying to guarantee security, but one big risk that worked out changed my perspective. Sailing played a huge role in my transformation ~ sometimes I wonder if meeting physical challenges aren’t a big part of learning to seek out and appreciate risk.

  7. I have taken risks, not for the adventure of it, but in order to create the life I think I want. Ironically, when I take a leap, I risk the very things I value: money, security, all things familiar. I only take risks when my gut speaks loudly, after I’ve looked at all my options and have decided that playing it safe is a bigger risk.

  8. No risk taker, me. But sometimes life turns everyday into risky business. I guess I’ve learned to cope when it happens.

    Might I say I’d love to someday hear the story of the restaurant and your hasty departure!

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