P9280115I’m disappointed in Michigan this fall.  We’ve had nothing but dismal, bone chilling days for the entire month of October,going directly from Capri pants and t-shirts to winter jackets and gloves, with nary a stop in-between for fuzzy sweaters.  There’s a leaden, gunmetal grey pall over the entire state, and not even the vibrant colors on our maples, elms, and oaks can dissipate it.

In some ways, it’s fitting…I was almost dreading the splendor that adorns this state in the waning days of its season.  Autumn has a glorious bittersweetness to it, one I usually revel in, but one that can sometimes be almost too emotional to bear.  This fall, with all the losses still so fresh in my heart, I was almost afraid of all that fierce beauty, flaunting itself at death.

These trees are in my neighbor’s yard, and greet me when I open the drapes first thing in the morning.  The photo is from last fall, for we’ve not seen any patches of sky that blue so far this month.

Ah well, there’s still November.


4 thoughts on “Fallish

  1. You and Ruth (do you visit Ruth; she’s from Lansing, too). Both not gung ho on too much color. But your argument is a powerful one. It is like flaunting (that, my friend, is a glorious sentence.)

    As for me, bring on the color. If we can’t seem to get anything brighter than a “white” sky (and most have been so dark and gloomy) then at least toss in some orange or red to brighten it up. My mood, my heart is so gray — I need that zest somewhere!

  2. Funny, this is the second post I’ve seen this week that offers ambivilent feelings about fall’s bounty of color and sometimes overwhelming beauty. It has been a tough year for many. Hunker down with candles and warm sweaters as JanePoet suggests, and wait for better days. I hope they arrive soon.

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