In Print

There has been little good news in my world of late, so this bit of goodness lifted my spirits on an otherwise abysmally stressful day ~ my words have found their way into All Things Girl, a delightful e-zine.  Isn’t that neat? 

Check it out…


14 thoughts on “In Print

  1. I read your article and love it! It’s funny that 20 years ago I felt insulted to be called a “girl”, and now it’s my description of choice.

    You’ve distilled the mid-life experience into the best possible words.

  2. Hi Becca,
    I enjoyed your article, laughed through most of it. I can relate! I like been called a ‘girl’. It’s really cool! Glad to read your delightful posts. 🙂

  3. thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog! I’ve come to visit yours, and I am delighted. Though, I am very sad to see your uncle passed away recently. A dear friend of ours also passed away in June, and I’ve taken time for myself where I can in my life too, to recover.

    So it’s very good news that you got published in an e-zine! Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations! And what a great piece! There are days when I really mourn the passing of my girlishness; others when, watching my daughter, I’m glad those days are done. Still, “hey, girl,” will always sound a lot more affectionate, far more friendly than “hey lady.”

    I hope the summer continues to bring new possibilities to you & your family.

  5. Congratulations! That IS good news. I’m missing your posts so very much — I always enjoy visiting the Byline, and I hope the things that are challenging pull together soon for you and you can enjoy some of this beautiful Michigan summer.

  6. I found your lovely piece when i googled girlhood and menopause. Lately it seems to me that I am enjoying a second girlhood with the arrival of my 50th year. Girlhood in the sense of enjoying my ife and playing with the same ease as i did before hormones arrived and sidetracked me with the whole “perpetuate the human race” objective of our biology. I am starting to feel less concerned with what men think of me,and whether or not I present myself in a way that has been socially or commercially programmed. Now it’s about singing and playing in the dirt and long walks exploring bugs, birds, moss and rocks. It’s about loving my dogs, not caring if we track in mud or if they shed on my couch. It’s enjoying food and drink and feeling my body move when i exercise. It’s laughing when something is funny and finding humor in just about everything. (But my husband says I can’t make fun of golf or sex. haha.) It’s as if I am free to be me again. What do you thnk?

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