Nothing But Ghosts

NothingButGhosts_HC_cA real perk of blogging about all things bookish has been the opportunity to meet new writers, to learn more about their writing process, and share in the joys of their success. One of my favorite authors/bloggers,Beth Kephart, has a new book, Nothing But Ghosts, being ushered into the world this week.

Luminous– that’s the word which always comes to mind when I read Beth’s writing, whether it’s in her books or her daily blog posts. It’s like a Debussy prelude on the piano, or a Monet watercolor ~ imbued with delicate, intricate passion. She encourages me to look at the world more closely, to see past the surface of people and things into the deepest part of their existence. To look for the beauty, even when it’s sometimes hidden so deeply.

If you don’t know Beth, now would be a good time to meet her. As Nothing But Ghosts makes it’s debut, there are numerous virtual events to celebrate it’s release. Visit her blog, read her interview at Presenting Lenore, attend the book party on June 30, hosted by My Friend Amy. Get hold of a copy of Nothing But Ghosts and lose yourself in her beautiful writing.

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4 thoughts on “Nothing But Ghosts

  1. It looks like the cover reflects her writing, which is always a nice thing when a publisher gets it right.

    I’ll go look at the sites you suggested and find out more about her and her novel.

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