Birthday Boy


              ~Wishing a very special  boy  man a very special day!

Today my son celebrates his 29th birthday, and though he’s living in Thailand right now I suspect the day will still involve some of his favorite homestyle things…good food, some “down” time to spend with his family, more good food, time playing computer games, some good food, maybe an evening at the movies, followed by even more good food…

Birthdays should be all about celebrating, and I hope his day is as wonderful as he is!

                                     ~ Happy Birthday, Brian!~



6 thoughts on “Birthday Boy

  1. Thank you very much! What a nice surprise to see this message here today when I came by to see what was happening. 🙂

    Had a great meal of steak and shrimp last night and picked up a “Mocha Paradiso” ice cream cake for the occasion. Started writing a new story as well. Tonight, probably more gaming, more writing, and capping it all off with…ugh, the company operations meeting at 10pm. Ah well, two out of three ain’t bad!

  2. Wow, Rebecca… It seems like only yesterday I read a birthday post–that was last year???!!!! Eek! Where has the time gone??

    Anyway, Happy Birthday to Brian!!!


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