Last October, my friend H., a  Compuware employee for 16 years, was called into a conference room along with about 50 co-workers where they were all informed their positions were being eliminated.  They had 30 minutes to vacate the premises.   H., who at age 62 was looking forward to retirement in about three years, was denied the opportunity to say goodbye to friends or co-workers, or to make any preparations for his future.

“Feel free to re-apply for another position within the company,” the newly unemployed folks were told.  Right.

Yesterday,  along with announcing another round of approximately 300 lay-offs, Compuware announced one notable new hire.  It’s  former Detroit Mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick, who was forced to resign from office in the wake of a major scandal involving cheating and lying of every possible sort, a scandal that dragged on for months and left this already beleagured city  9 million dollars poorer.  Kilpatrick,  recently released from jail after serving a (laughable) 99 day sentence as punishment for his crimes, will transfer to the company’s Dallas office, where his job will entail getting governmental health care programs in the south and southeastern United States online.

“Regardless of what you think, regardless of all the stuff that has happened, people should understand this is a very, very talented human being, and frankly, I want to take advantage of that,” Peter Karmanos, Compuware CEO, said in this morning’s Detroit Free Press.

Talented? At what?  Cheating people? Being morally reprehensible?  Lying?  Mismanagement of city funds?   Could one of his “talents” lie in the fact that his mother, Congresswoman Carloyn Kilpatrick, sits on the House Ways and Means Committee?

Frankly, I wouldn’t trust this man to take out my garbage.

This is just the sort of disheartening news which lands a sucker punch to this soul-weary state.  At a time when thousands of hardworking, honest people in the state of Michigan have lost their jobs, it is nothing short of  an outrage to hand over a plum position to a man who abused his power and defrauded an entire city.  How about a break for some of us ordinary folks, whose needs are simply taking care of our families, paying our bills on time, and trying to live the best life we possibly can?  

Sure, I know we can’t all be as “extremely talented” as our vaunted ex-Mayor, but I’m willing to bet there’s a few good minds wandering around out here somewhere.


10 thoughts on “Outrage

  1. Terrible. So many people are just trying to get through each day. I know your state has been hit particularly hard. To see someone profit who is so undeserving is almost too much to take.

    Our mayor is corrupt and greedy also, and we can’t seem to oust him. Power and audacity are a terrible combination.

  2. I hear you loud and clear. After 12 years with his current company, my brother finds himself with the thousands of others out of a job. Gahhh!

  3. A terrible situation and so typical of many of the happenings in this country today in government and finance. Where is the humanity and decency I thought we had so much of in this land??

  4. I literally just read this ridiculous news in the Free Press after getting back from our excursion to BKK this weekend, and now I see your reaction to it is essentially the same as mine — although I wasn’t even aware of the fact that Compuware eliminated all those other jobs simultaneously, which I find makes the flavor of disgust extra potent.

    Dave from our local FM station tweeted yesterday that he’s appalled at the rampant and blatant dishonesty in corporate America, from the peanut guys to the Madoff ponzi scheme to the big Wall Street types. It really is shocking to me just how deep this vein of irresponsibility goes — we all know there are gonna be bad apples, but come on, it’s just ridiculous now.

    Back in school, I would get so irritated with the small handful of bozos who would act out, resulting in privileges being taken away from all of us. At least I was consoled by the fact that there were more of us good guys than there were bad guys. News like this, though, makes you wonder if that’s even true anymore.

  5. I agree with you. And, I don’t know why companies can’t be a little more compassionate when they let people go.

    There’s a former mayor of Washington, DC who keeps popping up in our local news. First it was drug related, now he’s failed to file his taxes yet again. How long do we put up with giving breaks to people like him and the man you wrote about?

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