Oh, Come On!

If you watched Gray’s Anatomy  last night, you’ll instantly realize the origin of this post’s title.  A young woman, hospitalized with a broken hip after a year of being befallen by one broken bone after another, raises her eyes to heaven and cries out in aggreived disbelief, “Oh, come on!”

That was my reaction this morning when I awoke at 4 am, last night’s sniffly nose a deluge, yesterday’s frog in the throat  a lump the size of Dallas.

Oh, come on!

My upper respiratory infections, while once numerous and legion, have dwindled significantly in the past several years.  In fact, I don’t recall being sick since that infamous trip to Florida in fall of 2007, when I flew home with a sinus infection and fainted during the descent into Detroit.

That flight is certainly on my mind this morning, because we’re due to fly to Las Vegas on Tuesday with some friends, and right now my sinus passages feel as tightly jammed as the airplane is likely to be, and I can already feel my larynx swelling tightly shut.

Oh, come on!

And the weather forecast is predicting eight inches of snow during the next 24 hours.

Oh, come on!

In another bit of televison wisdom, gleaned from yesterday’s epidose of Oprah’s Best Life week, we’re advised that, when things in life don’t seem to be working out as planned, look for those areas of our lives which are working.  After all, Oprah says, even if the only good thing you can say about your life is that you’re breathing without the help of  a machine, at least that’s something, right?

Oh, come on!

And pass me an oxygen mask, would you please?


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