Friday Forecast: Dismal with a Glimmer of Hope

Amidst the news of more snow on the way and the headline on The Detroit News  citing Detroit as the “second worst place to live”, came the news that 26 people from my husband’s office had lost their jobs today.  Thankfully, he was not among them ~ at least not this time.   If you live in southeastern Michigan and work for an automotive company or one of their suppliers, you begin to feel as if a large bullseye is painted on your back.

Add to this  my stuffy head, scratchy throat, and achy body, and you could say it hasn’t been the jolliest of days.


I did enjoy a nice lunch with my friend Carol, today ( at least I assume the food was good, since I couldn’t taste a thing! )   Our husbands sing in Measure for Measure, and she and I have become buddies as well as choir groupies.   This was our first outing a deux,  and we enjoyed talking over delicious fresh pita sandwiches at First Cup.


 I have the entire weekend to recover from my cold/sinus infection, with a chunky novel to read (The Hour I First Believed, by Wally Lamb), some tv ( more Prime Suspect)  and a fresh batch of rooibos tea from Adagio.


All is not lost.

Stay warm and stay well, my friends.

How about you?  What’s the forecast for your weekend???


5 thoughts on “Friday Forecast: Dismal with a Glimmer of Hope

  1. I’m glad your husband was spared – the number of people being laid off right now is just scary. And I hope you get better soon – flying with bad sinuses is painful!

  2. New York and Michigan are the two places that are really feeling the hit – and I’m glad your hubby still has his job. Nothing is secure anymore..and that’s scary. My husband and I are feeling the pinch (he has his own business). People aren’t calling for his service as much. Sad.
    I hope you start feeling better Becca. Enjoy your weekend, take the time to relax and pamper yourself back to good health. xo

  3. Oh, dear — I’ve been down that sinus path. It’s awful and I hope you’re feeling much better. These days I feel as though any day I don’t come down with something is a day well spent!

    I’m so sorry for your husband’s colleagues. It’s hard — this combination of relief and survivor guilt when friends and colleagues are laid off. I’m glad you two are still OK. Every day — even when I am frayed and frazzled (as today’s post explains!), I am grateful for a job, for the paychecks, for benefits. Rick’s self-employed and we’re seeing the economic climate affect that, though still OK.

    Hang in there this weekend and try to enjoy!

  4. Oh, Bella, I haven’t been making the rounds lately. I didn’t realize that people lost their jobs at your husband’s office. I know exactly how you feel – waiting for the other shoe to drop. We went through that with my husband’s job. I hope things go well for both of you.

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