Cafe Writing -Seven Magical Things

That’s the thing with magic. You’ve got to know it’s still here, all around us, or it just stays invisible for you.
~Charles DeLint

 Cafe Writing’s Holiday Project, Option One, asks us to consider seven magical things.  Since I’m just about in the mood for making a list (and of course checking it twice), here are my magical seven…

  1.  This fellow defines the word at our house.    2-february-crop4Since he came to live with us six years ago, we’ve laughed more, walked more, played more, snuggled more, and felt all ’round happier than I can remember feeling in a long time.  Of course, his sister Molly just expands the Magic even more;
  2. Right now I’m sprawled in a comfy lawn chair, bare feet propped on the ottoman and a cold glass of lemondade sweating profusely beside me.  In about five hours, however, I’ll be scraping a couple of inches of ice off my windshield, and wrapping a scarf tightly around my face to guard against the biting wind.  Airplanes are definitely a magical way to travel.  But I’m still waiting for the tranporter to arrive…beam me up, Scotty;
  3. Peppermint mochas at Starbucks…starting December 1, I crave them morning, noon, and night.  They make me feel all glowy and good, inside and out;
  4. No matter how scroogy I’ve been for the month of December (and I channel Ebeneezer very well), the Candlelight Christmas Eve service at church turns me to mush.  Something about the progression of lighting candles, joining hands with all my friends, and singing Silent Night as the flames illuminate our faces always gives me a frisson of hope that perhaps life will turn out okay after all;
  5. And speaking of Silent Night…music sets the mood for the season, and I feel especially blessed to be able to share the gift of music in performance for others.  I played a holiday concert with my bell group at the Ann Arbor Library last weekend, and the response was phenomenal.  So many smiling faces in the audience, and excited children coming up to see the bells up close and even ask for autographs!  It reminded me of the entrancing power of music;
  6. Reading is always magical for me, but reading by the light of my Christmas tree really helps me transcend the dull realities of everyday life and enter into my favorite fictional worlds;
  7. The power of positive thinking~I’ve seen it at work in my life, and I’m putting it to the test again in a mighty big way these days.

How about you?  What’s making magic in your life this holiday season?


9 thoughts on “Cafe Writing -Seven Magical Things

  1. 1. That’s why I miss having a dog!! Animals are so simple–they don’t need much, but they give us plenty!

    2. Hot and cold!! Wow, give me some of that snow! There’s barely any snow where I live. 😦

    4. I laughed out loud with this.

    6. I need to get back to reading anything but college textbooks! It’s been a hectic semester!

    7. Yes, positive thinking is much needed nowadays!! I’m glad you mentioned this, because positive thinking can also be contagious!! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing!! I enjoyed reading this entry. 🙂

  2. Like your two dogs, my two cats changed my life: I cherish the moments when I wake up in the morning with one curled up under the cover against my belly and the other sitting on the nightstand and meowing me awake. With my furry kids around, I am enjoying the moment more playing with them or just sitting on the couch with them around. And I am laughing so much more with them around.

  3. Sounds like magic is infusing your life these days. As for positive thinking, it’s essential – essential – to getting through all these challenges currently confronting us. Wishing you and yours the happiest of holidays, Becca! xo

  4. Wonderful list, and, given that life lately has felt more mechanical than magical, a great topic to consider. Your dog is darling! And those peppermint mochas sound like something I ought to try. Like Jen, I’m sorry I missed your concert.

  5. That’s a fine list, Becca. It could just as easily be a list of things for which to be grateful. It’s a reminder to take note of all that we have. I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday.

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