It’s Me, Becca

Dear God,

It’s me, Becca. 

I know we don’t usually communicate in this fashion, but I’ve begun to feel as if you aren’t listening too closely so I thought I’d try a different tack.

You see, there’s a bunch of stuff going on in the world right now that’s making me – well, mad.  Really mad.  Mad enough that sometimes I just want to grab you by the shoulders and shake some sense into you.  What’s going on with you, anyway?   What’s the deal with all these companies going bankrupt, and people losing their jobs right and left, and our retirement savings going down the toilet?  While we’re at it, what about all these people with Alzheimer’s and cancer?  And the folks who can’t afford health care or medicine?  What about all these rich people who just get richer, while the rest of us get poorer? 

Okay, I know I’m luckier than a whole bunch of other folks out there.  But I gotta tell you, it really feels like things just aren’t going according to plan these days. 

What’s that?  Whose plan?  you ask.

Well, my plan. 

Once upon a time, God, I made some plans for my life. Now, don’t laugh…supposedly you gave us all free will, so I thought I was perfectly within my rights to make plans.  I was going to have a nice home in Michigan and a nice home in Florida and travel back and forth between the two.  I was going to have some nice little grandchildren to spoil, and every year take a nice trip or two to some exotic location.  I was going to write some nice books, and maybe belong to a nice musical group or two.

Nice life, huh?

But now it seems like the whole world’s going to hell in a handbasket (excuse my language), and my plans are going with it.  I’m kind of wondering what you’re doing about it.

I know, I know, “all things work together for good…” – you don’t have to remind me – that used to be one of my favorite verses.  I’m here to tell you, God, I’m getting a little bit worried about when the good part is going to get here.

So anyway, if you happen to be surfing the ‘net today and run across this post, I wish you’d take some things into consideration.  You know, I’ve always worked hard to be the kind of person I’m supposed to be, doing unto others and all that.  I don’t claim to be perfect at that, but I give it a really good shot.  There’s a lot of us down here who try to live by your principles and ideas.  We’d sure like to see that work together for some good in our lives. 

 Now, I’m not trying to tell you how to handle this business of being in charge of the world.  I’m just saying.

I suppose that’s it for today.  Sorry for venting, God.  Guess I just need to let off a little steam.  Maybe you feel the same way sometimes.

Thanks for listening.



10 thoughts on “It’s Me, Becca

  1. Oh, Becca. Getting a little cheeky, aren’t we? Something I thought I’d never say about you. You made me smile.

    “Okay, I know I’m luckier than a whole bunch of other folks out there.”

    I always say that to myself. It’s my mantra, and I really do know it’s true.

    But that thing about “all things work together for good…” Are you really sure about that. I hope you are because I have to admit that, by nature, I’m much more cynical than you. So it’s only natural that I have more doubts about that, but I’m willing to give it some thought.

    It’s difficult not to be concerned at this time in our history. There’s a lot to be discouraged about. My 401K is one of those things. It’s hard to see dreams that have been long in the making go to the back burner, isn’t it?

    I want you to know something though. I look forward to visiting here. You put a lot of light into the world, Becca. You may not realize just how much. That’s worth a great deal, and maybe, just maybe, all things do work together for good.

  2. I agree with all of the above comments. But I always have to remind myself of the Yiddish proverb that man makes plans and God laughs. I have a bit of the cynic in me too.

  3. I guess a lot of us would sign your “letter” in this entry.
    I find comfort in the universality of our hopes and curiosity. It’s like holding hands across the miles.

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