What I Know For Sure


There are days of late when I feel as if surety about anything is impossible.  Yet reading the responses to this phrase in last month’s issue of O Magazine got me thinking a bit more seriously.  I realize there are some things which, for better or worse, I can assert with a degree of certainty, at least in my own experience. 

So here goes:

I know that every human being needs a passion, and pursuing that passion will enrich your life in ways you never expected. 

I know that it’s good to step outside of your box, to expand your horizons, and stretch your boudaries.  You like yourself better when you do.

I know that moderation is the key to all things – to food, drink, work, play, and even love.

I know there’s a good reason that dog is god spelled backwards.

I know that family is the rock and foundation of every bit of happiness we have.

But I also know that friends can fill the gaps which occur in even the best of families.

I know that, in the amusement park of life, sometimes we’re on the roller coaster, but more often its the swan boats.

I know that all good things come to and end, and that this too shall pass.

I know that all things work together for good.

I know that tomorrow I’ll be sure of more than I am today.

Now tell me, what do you know for sure?


10 thoughts on “What I Know For Sure

  1. I also liked the “dog” part. I have one on my lap as I write. I know I’m pretty content. Here in my modest house, with the rain finally stopped outside. The flowers still hold onto the last drops and look a little bedraggled. I know that, after 50, it gets better. And I’m close to 52. Not as much ambiguity and uncertainty, it seems.

  2. This is a wonderful list, and it expresses so well all the generosity, good-heartedness, and love of writing that makes reading your posts and following your life such a pleasure. It made me happier just to see this here today!

  3. I know that 50 was one of the best years of my life. Two of my children got married and I was present at the birth of my first granddaughter. One of my poems was the anchor piece for an anthology that was nominated for a Grammy Award in the spoken word category, and I flew alone to California and went ‘shopping’ on the beach of the Pacific ocean.

    I know that at 51 the heart of my life went out of it and my world, as I knew it, disappeared forever.

    I know that I am a survivor, because I am 62 and still breathing.

    I know that every single human being needs a means of expression, and I will use whatever strength I own to encourage that.

    I know that laughter heals more and faster than any other ingredient.

    I know that if tomorrow comes, I will greet it with eagerness and a gratitude that grows with each moment I am given.

    I know that dog is the symbol of loyalty. No matter he is rejected, neglected, ignored, or even abused, he will come back and offer his presence, and his joy if allowed.

    And that, in turn, is a god that I can believe in.

  4. I read that too Becca, and I posted mine on my blog. I think it is a lot different this year than it would have been last year, but then next year it will be different as well, we learn as we go on, at least some of us do.

  5. I know that reaching out allows reaching inward and the inverse is also true.

    And I love the one about the roller coaster and the swan boats!

  6. This is a wonderful post, Becca. I have to agree with Deirdre, I find the world to be quite mercurial these days. My foundation seems to shift daily, and I find myself mentally grasping for secure purchase. Having said that, there must be a few things we can count on when this happens, and you’ve come up with a reassuring list.

  7. Wise words, Becca. I know that taking risks and being brave can result in wonderful, unpredictable outcomes. And I always think of that quote: “Two things stand like stone: kindness in another’s troubles; courage in your own.”

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