The Times They Are A’Changin’


Change is afoot in the world, isn’t it?  If only it were all this beautiful.

Autumn is my favorite season, and the older I become, the more I love it.  There’s certainly a poignancy to it, this spectacular gala nature throws for us just before the earth turns cold and dark for winter.  But somehow that only makes it more lovely, like Cinderella at the ball, racing the stroke of midnight and ekeing every last morsel of glory from the dance.

Just over two years ago, I began writing here at a time of change in my life’s cycle.  About to turn 50, I found myself searching for a way to express and challenge myself.  In this chronicle about “life in general and my own in particular,”  I’ve explored my thoughts about the typical things which occur in the life of an American woman  – relationships with adult children and aging parents, carving out time for one’s interests and passions, finding the balance between fulfilling the expectations of others and creating a meaningful life as an individual.  In sharing those thoughts on this forum, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a veritable world of talented, inspiring women, each one on a journey of her own, each one looking to learn and share, each one reaching out a hand in solidarity.

Lately, watching mother nature perform her annual metamorphosis, I’ve been wondering whether it’s time for some bigger changes in my life as well.  I feel slightly adrift in my writing life, as if I’ve lost my focus, my outlook on life in general turning fuzzy and disjointed.  I come to this page quite often, but sit staring at the blank screen not knowing what it is I need to say.

All this by way of saying I’m putting the Byline on hiatus for a bit.  Maybe a couple of weeks, maybe a couple of months.  Maybe the act of publicly stepping back will free the thoughts that seem to have frozen into an early winter.

I’m leaving you with this gorgeous maple, decked out in fullest autumn finery to remind you (and myself) that change can be spectacular.

I’m hoping for that in all our worlds.


13 thoughts on “The Times They Are A’Changin’

  1. A friend of mine once told me that painters used to rest their eyes by looking into a blackened mirror. The same friend told me that it was fine to take a break from writing, that it was in fact ok not to write at all. If I missed it, I could always return. If I didn’t, well there would be other adventures to pursue. It seemed like wise and reassuring counsel back then, and so I pass it along to you. As Imelda has already said, I hope you find the new perspective you seek. If/when you return, I’ll still be your reader.

  2. When I am feeling cranky, out of sorts, disinterested, I usually fight it. Then I soon realize, that what I need is a rest. It is amazing how our minds/bodies/subconscious tries to say, “Take a break!” and we have such a hard time taking good advice.
    I am happy for you that you figured it out. The 50’s are…. interesting, to say the least. Good luck!

  3. So I arrive here at your fine blog just in time to bid you farewell to your hiatus. Such is my luck! But it sounds like you are preparing for an energizing season. Bravo to you! And thanks so much for stopping by my blog and offering the kind wishes.

  4. Wow, Becca, what timing for me to come and visit your blog – just when you’re possibly signing off! 😦 I completely understand, though, as I’ve been struggling with similar issues on my own writing blog. It’s not for lack of inspiration, but for lack of time, that has me straddling the hiatus fence…

    Here’s to floods of inspiration, eh?

    *smiles and hugs*

    P.S. The tree is so beautiful! My favorite seasons are Spring and Fall. I just love all the colors and cool, breezy weather! 🙂

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