Stay Eager

Do stuff.  Be clenched, curious.  Not waiting for inspiration’s shove or society’s kiss on your forehead.  Pay attention.  It’s all about paying attention.  Attention is vitality.  It connects you with others.  It makes you eager.  Stay eager.    ~Susan Sontag

I should know better than to title a post with the day of the week…then everytime I look at my blog, I’m reminded how long it’s been since I’ve written anything.

But I also remind myself that writing is not an obligation to be dreaded like grocery shopping, or paying bills, or weeding the garden.  It’s the way I honor my observations about life in general (and my own in particular), the way I make sense of a sometimes senseless world, the way I connect with friends all over cyberspace.

It’s the way I pay attention.

But I’ve been a bit attention deficit lately, not paying attention to the bracing aroma of my morning coffee, or the symphony of birdcalls that greet me on the back porch each morning as I take the first sip. Not paying attention to Magic and Molly’s exuberant greeting when I return home from work. 

And I haven’t been doing stuff  either.   Haven’t been riding my bike along the avenue of smooth new blacktopped roads running through our neighborhood.  Haven’t been talking with friends over drinks at our favorite outdoor cafe.  Haven’t been playing piano for any singers anxious to rehearse. 

So I’m neither vital nor eager.

Eagerness – it’s that “on your mark, get set, go!” kind of feeling.  The “can’t wait to get started” butterflies in your heart, the chomping at the bit, hooves pawing the ground urgency. 

 I vaguely remember it…

Do you?

A young woman whose work I greatly admire has an inspirational project afloat in the blog world.  It’s called Be Brave, and it challenges participants to “do one thing each day that scares you.”  One thing about which you would normally shy away, procrastinate, or say “Oh, I couldn’t…”

In addition to Being Brave, perhaps we should add Stay Eager to our list of personal challenges. Pay attention to the things that exicte us, and find new things when old familiar ones begin to pale. 

I’ll be on the lookout for some.

I’ll keep you posted.

So, how about you? Have you been Paying Attention?  How do you Stay Eager?


7 thoughts on “Stay Eager

  1. We tend to go through cycles, don’t we… I suppose it’s the rhythm of life. Right now I’m most eager about my photography…which is nice because it’s a vehicle to get me out in nature.

  2. What a great reminder: be brave, stay eager. Today, my bravest action is to deal with the phone company. Again. Staying eager has been more of a challenge lately, just trying to find time to catch my breath. I like the idea, though, of being alert to opportunities–and using them.

  3. I don’t know about being brave, but lately I’ve been eager about taking care of myself – exercising, eating healthy, taking time to breathe. I will have to work on being brave. That one is a challenge for me.

  4. I’ve seen several participating in Being Brave. My days of late have been filled with challenges so I don’t have to look far for opportunities to be brave. And eagerness seems to have been replaced by trying to keep my head above water. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t keep my eyes open for the spark that will relight that fire of eagerness. 🙂 We must continue to say ‘yes’ to those things that keep us interested and engaged.

  5. I have no clue how time flies so fast. I’ll post a couple of days in a row, and then not have time for a week.

    Perhaps it’s the summer that’s getting you down. Don’t know how the weather has been in your part of the state, but we often have spells in the 90s here in VA and it makes one not want to do anything, especially if it includes going outside. Hope your energy and interest levels perk up soon.

  6. Becca, I’ve barely been motivated and that’s a far cry from eager. I don’t know if it’s the weather, or the past busy-ness of the summer but for a week I could hardly even touch the photos I had taken in SF. (Maybe it’s something in the air 🙂
    Yet on Sunday I forced myself to go for a short walk lest my muscle begin to sink into a permanent state of atrophy. I must say that it helped (for a short while)…I was even approaching “eager” as I edited and posted my few photos.
    Maybe these periods of rest just prepare us for eagerness? (or perhaps, that will be my excuse to take a nap this afternoon 🙂

  7. I actually just posted a bit on how I’ve been able to stick with what has become my most profitable blog over the years. One of the ways I stay motivated is to always have fresh ideas, and the best way I’ve found to keep those ideas flowing in is to read widely, no lots of subjects, not just those in my niche.

    I think as long as you care about what you’re writing about and you’ve got ideas a plenty, you’ll stay motivated. 🙂

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