Top Ten Reasons Why I Love…

Writing from home!

Michele tagged me for this meme the other day, and I’ve been so busy “writing at home” I haven’t had time to complete it. 

Now that Write On Wednesday is up and running (or launched as they say in the web design business), I can sit back (in my favorite comfy chair), put my (bare!) feet on the ottoman, drink my tea (Adagio Rooibos Tropics…delish!),  enjoy the new music I just dowloaded on my I-Pod (Mozart Piano Trio in B-flat major), and think about some of the reasons I love writing from home.

Hmmm…I believe I just told you quite a few of them.

Being comfortable is a big one. 

Having my doggies nearby is another.

Being able to multi-task on the homefront is huge.

Most of all, being flexible…if the muse is being stubborn, I can prod her along with a walk, or by sitting down at the piano for a bit, or picking up a favorite inspirational book on writing.

One thing I try never to do when I’m supposed to be writing at home…turn on the television!  For me, it’s sudden death to any creative urge or ambition!

I’ve been fortunate in that I can also do a good deal of my office job at home -it’s writing too, but of an entirely different kind.  And all the same reasons apply. <smiles>

How about you? Can you work at home? Would you want to? Or do you like to keep work and home life separate?




4 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons Why I Love…

  1. I would have loved to work from home! I drove 80 miles round trip and even before the gas prices spiked, it cost me a lot. But I never was able to convince my bosses of it. They wanted me near…just in case.

  2. I used to work from home and I loved it. Wouldn’t have it any other way. Retired now. As for writing, I agree about the television. I seldom have it on when I’m writing. I can’t imagine what I would do without writing. It fills me up, calms me down, and gives me perspective.

  3. LOVE writing from home! I sit on my back porch through the summer and drink my iced tea and write. But sometimes…well, sometimes if I have trouble settling down here, I find that going to Starbucks is the only way to jumpstart my book and get me back on task. Maybe it’s because there’s no bathtub there that needs cleaning! And also if I get up too many times to wander around, somebody will take my seat.

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