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Okay, I’m in need of some artistic vibe from all you artists out there…I have a craft project to do today (and I admit the thought strikes fear into my heart). 

You see,  I was the little girl whose art papers were always covered with globs of glue in mistaken places, and funny mishapen objects that looked nothing whatsoever like the thing they were meant to represent.   My few attempts at sewing have been exercises in futility (except for that time I worked on a quilt…that turned out pretty well).

Anyway, today’s project requires some paper craft.  Here’s the story…

My friend Pat and I are attending a bridal shower for a former student.  Our gift (which will be a combined wedding and shower gift) is a quilt, being made specially for her by the mother of another one of her classmates.  HOWEVER, the quilt isn’t done yet, so my task is to make “something artistic” – my friend’s words- to convey that the gift is in process.

My thought is to make a card of some kind, perhaps with a patchwork-y design, and use some of those nifty little things you can stick on.   Then inside I can write (oh, yes! something I can do!) about the special gift she will receive on her wedding day.

So before I go to Michael’s and stand perplexed in front of all the cards/stamps/stickers, etc., I’m placing myself at the mercy of all you artistic gurus out there…

Send good thoughts my way, won’t you?~*smiles*~


9 thoughts on “Arts and Crafts

  1. Are you sure your friend Pat doesn’t want to take care of the “something artistic” while you take care of the “something lovely to say” part of the project?

    Mostly, I share your aversion to crafts. Especially anything involving glue, which has the tendency to end up everywhere except where I need it. If one of your more artistic readers doesn’t provide the help you need, you might try talking to the always inspirational staff at Hollanders/Kerrytown (making a presumptuous leap here, but it seems like you might live in the area). They are great people and usually more helpful than the staff at Michael’s. Good luck!

  2. You could try making a miniature patchwork quilt out of different colors of construction paper, and paste them on a posterboard. To jazz it up, you could include some of those stick-on bangles you mentioned. In the center, leave a space of solid color (either construction paper or posterboard surface) on which to write the message. It’d be like a card, but on a posterboard-sized scale, which itself is more quilt-like.

    To give it the right kind of look, you could try folding the construction paper “patches” and cutting grooves out of them, such that when you unfold them, they’d look “grid-like”, conveying a fabric texture look. That could be tricky, though, so alternatively you could draw criss-crossing lines over them.

    Of course, you know me — I’m not a crafts guy either. When such things come up, I can usually envision an end result, but I’m never quite sure how to actually arrive at it. 🙂

    If the project is something that needs to be finished today, though, then perhaps this is a bit ambitious — in which case, a more modest-sized version of the same idea could work.

    Regardless, I’m sure whatever you come up with will look great. It always does!

  3. Anno- It would be nice for Pat to take over the artsy part – but she’s just as clueless as I am. She’s more of a wordsmith too…

    Chief Oddball – Oh yes, you always were one for coming up with big project ideas, especially with posterboard 😉 At least someone in the family has an artistic gene or two!

  4. Maybe I am too late. Anyhow here are my two cents. Grid on the top of the card, leaving some background color squares, cutting others out so that you could get a hint of your beautiful handwritten note, and other squares made out of photos of the givers! Simple enough! Don’t you think?

  5. Good luck Becca! I don’t have a crafty bone in me. 😉 I wrote another attempt at fiction and would love it if you would read it. I’m in my “Becca wanna be stage.” LOL

  6. Becca if you can get a few pieces of the fabric used for the quilt you could cut the fabric into little squares using pinking shears. Using heavy card stock apply the fabric squares to the front of the card using double sided tape. No glue! Then apply a cute piece of rick-rack around the edges to finish it off.

  7. Beatriz – Sounds lovely -however, you are obviously one of those crafty ones for whom things like this come easily 🙂 I only wish you lived nearby!

    Tammy – So you know what I’m talkinga about when I say I’m in panic! You and I better stick to wordsmithing!

    Barbara – What a beautiful idea! Your blog is awash with the results of all sorts of gorgeous artistic endeavors, so your suggestion doesn’t surprise me in the least.

  8. I was going to mention something similar to Barbara’s idea…love the rick -rack!
    Whatever you come up with, it would be totally unfair to not post a photo of it 🙂
    Just two more days of school! Hugs your way 🙂

  9. So I’m WAY late to this and you’re probably finished now…share with us what you did please!!

    If this was my project (and remember, I’m artsy/fartsy!)…I’ve had made a simple card using papers to indicate a quilt — this is perfect for the no-so-handy-crafter. Collage is all the “thing” now which means you can do “whatever you want” and globs of glue don’t matter — they are part of the design. You don’t even need to cut the papers — you can just rip them and overlay them on the cardstock.

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