Thanks for Listening

I knew you’d come through, and you did. 

Thank you for the wise, funny, supportive comments on my last (rambling) post.  I responded to each of you in the comments on that post (I wish I had time to do that on every post, for the converations could go on and on…)

You are such good listeners.  You’ve helped me reinforce what I already knew in my heart, and I thank you from the bottom of it 🙂 

And, to continue in this attitude of gratitude…I was gifted with two awards this week:


  from Deirdre








 from Beatriz

Who better to pass these along to than all of my excellent friends who were there when I felt like talking…

Anno, Star, Beatriz, June, Bella, and Sherry, Rebecca, Barbara, Bella Rum, Tammy…and to anyone else to comes along with a listening ear and two cents to throw into the pot 🙂 

You guys are the greatest!!!



6 thoughts on “Thanks for Listening

  1. I’ve been away for the weekend, and come back to find I wasn’t there when you needed to talk – but what a crew of wise women were there to offer their perspectives on your question. Your readiness for some change has been evident for a while, Becca. I like the question about what would you advise someone in your position… I’d go further, and ask you if you had a really good friend in the same place, what would you advise, and what would you do to support her in taking the steps she chooses to take? I’m rooting for you!

  2. What wonderful, well-deserved awards! And thanks for including me in your list of friends. From what I’ve read here, it is excellent company.

    Good luck finding the words you need to say to get where you want to go. Thanks, again.

  3. You so deserve these awards Becca…and I thank you for thinking of me with them. It takes a moment to hear what someone else is saying and a heart to offer love.

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