Spring Has…?

Sprung, is how the sentence should end. 

Flown the coop is more apt.

Yes dear friends and readers, once again I’ve left behind balmy tropical breezes and sunny blue skies only to be greeted with another snow dump.

Five inches last night.

But~ the sun is shining and the sky is blue – at least I’ll say that.  If I spend the day only gazing upward, I might fool myself into believing I’m still in Neverland. 

However, you all know I’m not one to remain in Neverland too long, for the fascinating lure of responsibility calls me…work, most notably, an 800 page stack of medical records that must be read, digested, and summarized all nice and neat for the attorney’s and the insurance company. 

I’ve been through my entire repetroire of delaying tactics…I’ve exercised, gone walking, made a fresh pot of coffee, picked up the house…let’s see, maybe I should quick put on boots and shovel a path in the backyard for the doggies to wade through…


I believe it’s lunchtime.  Or almost at any rate.

So you see how easily I am dissuaded from working.  

Working at home is definitely a mixed blessing, I think, for while it gives me the kind of freedom to take days off in the middle of the week (and go play in the sunshine), it means I must shove aside all the other lures of home and buckle down to task when a deadline looms ahead of me.  

So perhaps its just as well that the weather has turned frightful, as it gives me less excuses to procrastinate that moment when I must glue myself to the desk chair and set to work.

And maybe by the time I’ve finished, the snow will be all melted…


Dream on.


6 thoughts on “Spring Has…?

  1. The good news: you’ve been getting respites from the snow and cold. The bad news: you have to get used to it all over again. As for working from home…I always wished I could have done it, but I do think doing so requires a lot of discipline.

  2. Becca you need to stay home, because everytime you leave it snows on us again! Don’t worry about what you see outside. Spring is all about what you feel. Right now I feel that rush of “just around the corner” good weather. I’m watching those small signs- a few buds on the branches, a small spurt of green pushing up from the frozen dirt. My mind is full of ideas for planting and my hands are itching to dig in. Spring is in my heart-get ready to let it into yours also! Your byline fan….Lizzy

  3. If it’s any consolation, it’s been freezing cold in Paris the past few days, with bone-chilling winds whipping about… I caught a miserable cold, as a result. As for the mixed blessing of working at home? I’ve been doing it since 1999 and you’re so right. So many distractions. Sigh.

  4. Spring is being very elusive this year — to be sure. I’m with you — keeping my head “up” — but given that I read the Easter post first and I know what happened to you in Church — maybe I should be keeping my eyes on the ground!! 😉

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