Sunday Scribblings-Experiment

I have to admit, I’m not much for experimenting.  I prefer to have some clear knowledge of outcomes before I try anything new – it’s my inner control freak at work.  And the nature of experimentation is completely antithetical to that premise (wow, was I channeling a scientist with that statement?)

However, two years ago (to this day, in fact) I tried a rather bold experiment.  You see, it was my birthday – my 50th birthday – and I was quite an unhappy girl.  In contrast to my life at 30 and even 40, my life at 50 seemed so stagnant and dull.  I was treading water, following along in the same well worn rut,  just like an old grey mare.

So I decided to get out my pencils and start writing.  You see, I’ve always loved writing, and I used to do quite a bit of it – I even had some stories and essays published once upon a time.  But for many years I had been involved in other things – raising a child, running a home, working, playing music – and writing fell by the wayside.

But instead of picking up pen and paper, I sat down at my laptop and clicked onto Blogger.  Why not do my writing at the computer? I thought.   I could actually create my own literary kingdom, a private “newspaper,” where I could “publish” without being subjected to the whims of unfriendly editors.

And so, on March 9, 2006, Becca’s Byline was born – a birthday present to myself, an experimental foray into the world of cyber publishing.

Two years and 480 posts later, I’m convinced it was the best present I’ve ever given myself.   Not only have I met scads of interesting, intelligent, creative people, whose words have inspired me in every possible way, I have fallen in love with writing all over again.  I’ve written more in the past two years than I would have dreamed possible – why, I’ve even written two novels!   I feel more intelligent, creative, thoughtful, and insightful than at any other time in my life.   So as I continue into this second half of my century here on earth, I do so with an increased sense of excitement and satisfaction derived from this marvelous foray into the world of writing.

 And to think it all began with a little experiment…

links to more experiments are shared here


20 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings-Experiment

  1. You go girl! I enjoy your writing a lot and am so glad to have had our respective experiments intersect. Happy Birthday…Happy Birth-Day!

  2. I just turned 59 and love this portion of my life! There is a freedom to experience. I never wrote a poem until I was 40 and have been going strong for 19 years now. I’ve only recently discovered blogs and am having so much fun!

    I like your nice, clear style of writing and will be back to peruse your archives!

  3. Happy Birthday to you both. The gifts to self are so otfen neglected…but always exactly what one wanted and needed…both!!

    so glad you shared your gifts with all of us.

  4. I’m delighted for you Becca! 🙂
    And I applaud you for writing 2 (two!!) novels. I’ve been trying all my life but never seem to actually finish a single one. It’s a work of intense dedication. Well done.

  5. Happy Birthday. The blogging opportunity definitely offers many unexpected benefits. I actually met three bloggers for the first time yesterday when we all got together at a yarn shop. And, I was once a newspaper writer/photographer and a freelance magazine writer/photographer. I can’t seem to find the motivation to do it any more although I would like to. But, the blogging is slowly nudging me towards freelance writing again. And, even though they are just snapshots for my blog, I’m at leasat using a camera again. Since I’m staying home for a while, it would nice to sell some articles and photos again.

    As always, I enjoy reading your blog.

  6. What an excellent post! And happy birthday to you! 🙂
    I feel energized just reading this and I must say, thank you for the wonderful comment you recently left on my blog. I agree that blogging has an incredible way of bringing fellow creatives together. I am thankful for this also!


  7. Great story! Thanks for sharing it. It’s a great reminder that we should always strive to do what we love, even if it doesn’t come about when or how we thought it might.

  8. 480 posts! Wow. That’s a lot of writing. So glad that your experiment worked out well. My blog just happened one day. I didn’t plan it or even know what I was doing. At the time I had no idea how much I’d learn, grow spiritually, and be able to express myself through blogging.

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