Tagged~Six Things About Me

Marcy has tagged me to share six non-important things/habits/quirks about myself.

Here goes:

1. Hot beverages and soups have to be really hot~I can’t abide lukewarm; 

2.  I always leave a small amount of coffee or tea in the bottom of my cup, usually because it’s lukewarm by then (refer to #1);

3. I love being near large bodies of water – but I can’t swim;

4. Also love being near mountains-but I’m afraid of heights;

5. I can’t stand to leave the house with my bed unmade.  The rest of the place can be a disaster, but the bed must be made!

6. I’m terribly claustraphobic.  I can handle elevators ok, but being stuck in traffic jams nearly drives me over the edge.

And now, according to the rules* (and you all know I always play by the rules), I must tag six others…

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Firefly Nights

Greenish Lady

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5 thoughts on “Tagged~Six Things About Me

  1. Interesting things to note about you Becca!! I too love large bodies of water — but I can swim. It’s fascinating isn’t it, that we can “love” something and yet at the same time be “afraid” of it. I’ll do this one today!

  2. Oh, so interesting 🙂

    I am not a lover of hot temps in my food or drink. I want them hot-ish but not burn-the-roof-of-your-mouth hot, and I would rather leave it if it’s cold. I also love the mountains (just not in winter) but am afraid of heights, love large bodies of water (but I can swim). I can tolerate encloses spaces for awhile but am especially “concerned” when in a crush or crowd of people–no problem with traffic jams (at least not as far as claustrophobia). As for the bed, I used to have to have my bed made, but I’ve loosened up on that–one less nit to pick with my DH.

  3. Well we all have our quirks, don’t we? Lately I have been too overwhelmed by the chaos in my life to make the bed! And I hate lukewarm drinks too. Love the mountains and the water and swimming – but not in an ocean. Too worried about jellyfish. 🙂

  4. Dad likes his coffee hot. He drinks it as quickly as he can. He says if he doesn’t drink it quickly, it’s cold when he gets to the bottom.

    Thanks for the tag. I finished mine.

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