The Difference of A Day

Dateline: Lexington, Kentucky, 9:28 pm

And what a difference today was…smooth sailing today, the hemi engine on the Charger whirring across the mountains with nary an interruption, moving so quickly my favorite landscape was almost too much of a blur.

The worst thing that happened – we had to settle for Wendy’s for lunch (couldn’t find an Arby’s, which is Magic and Molly’s favorite place).

The best thing was stopping here. Each time we drive down I-75 and pass the Kentucky Artisan Center, my heart itches to stop and peruse the handmade work for sale inside. Today, since we had plenty of extra time and daylight, I begged for a few minutes “just to see what it was like.”

Such a treat! A bright, wide open building, chock full of marvelous work by Kentucky artisans. Paintings, wood carving, etched and blown glass, jewelry, the softest of woven blankets, hats, and scarves. A wide assortment of books by local authors, and recordings of bluegrass music.

While Jim walked the dogs around the nicely manicured grounds, I raced through like a kid in a candy shop, picking up several items for myself and some to give away as gifts.

Even with the small side trip, we reached the hotel before dark, settled in, and brought home grilled chicken salads from Cracker Barrel across the street. Now I’m propped in the easy chair at the Hampton Inn, my feet up, contentedly sipping wine from a tiny bottle, and telling you about my day.


What a difference a day makes.


4 thoughts on “The Difference of A Day

  1. I love going to those types of places too, Becca. There’s nothing like hearing that music play while shopping around for “goodies” we just can’t live without!


  2. Being able to stop and have a look in a shop, find special treats is a wonderful part of travel.

    I like Hampton Inn’s too…and it sounds like your trip home is going well!

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