It’s not the snow that’s melting – it’s me.

You see, I had this grand plan for getting all my office work done before we pack up and hit the highway on Saturday. I’ve been working “ahead” in my job for the past couple of weeks, so that I could have all the work for next week finished and turned in before we leave.

Oh yes, I had it all figured out so perfectly. And I was right on schedule, too -even enough ahead of myself that I felt comfortable going in an hour later than usual, stopping to do some errands on the way in.

But it all went haywire. The nurses seemed to have worked overtime this week, and my boss (whose Executive Assistant I have recently become) decided to catch up on all her paperwork and correspondence. The result was a veritable cascade of new reports, letters, reviews, etc. -all for me to finish by Thursday.

I had a moment of real panic, about 1:30. In addition to everything else, I missed lunch, so my blood sugar chose that moment to plummet, sending my spirits with it.

After a bowl of hot chicken noodle soup, I rallied a bit, and came up with a plan. I took a few extra minutes to organize my thoughts and my paper flow, and settled in to work. A marketing rep from a home health care agency stopped by with a big box of truffles, and that perked me up even more. I’ m not out of the woods yet, but I think I’ll make it – barring any more unexpected assignments!

There was a point in all this madness today when I felt like throwing in the towel. Forget traveling, I was tempted to say, there’s simply no way I can ever get it all done. There’s still shopping to do, still people to visit, still Christmas-y type things I need to get done. Not to mention trying to figure out all the things I need to pack for three days in the car (with dogs).
I need diversions big time – books on CD, movies to watch on my laptop, snacks (truffles?). I’ll never make it!

Then I thought about my lovely, quiet house in Florida. Being able to talk walks around the lakes every day, go to the pool, lie in the sun, eat meals on the lanai. Oh, my.

(Deep breath.)

Time to buck up and get the job done.

I’ll save the melting for the Florida sunshine.


5 thoughts on “Meltdown

  1. Ooo…as I read this my body started to tense up, recalling all too well the stress I used to feel from similar situations at work. Amazing how fast “crazy” comes at ya! How much longer before Florida? It’s been particularly good weather of late…you know, mild days and balmy nights.

  2. Oy, Dear Becca! I know how it feels… But don’t give up on your trip! You’ll get there… Maybe without all the things you expected to have lined up… But getting there is the most important thing, isn’t it?! xo

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