Encyclopedia of Me Monday: M is for…

I can’t choose just one…

Magic and Molly: Is it wrong to love two small, furry animals so much? I hope not.

Music: I’ve loved it every since I can remember, love listening to it, but love making it even more. My best memories (aside from the ones of my family, including the aforementioned Magic and Molly) have to do with music.

Michigan: I know, yesterday I was complaining bitterly about winter here in the Great Lake State. I really do feel betrayed by winter. However….every other season here is beautiful.

Midlife: It’s where I am right now, and nothing’s going to change it, so I have to make the best of it. It also means dealing with another big “M” word in the life of women – menopause. Ick. That’s all I have to say.

Me: Aside from the aforementioned “M” word, the rest of me is doing okay. I know I’ve been lucky, and I’m happy with (most) things going on in my life. What more could I ask? (Well, if you really want to know…)


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