Poetry Thursday~When Morning Comes

When Morning Comes
When morning comes
pale early light
nudges open my eyes
recalling me from distant travels
in the land of dreams
I stumble from bed
heavy hearted and sore
no delight in this day set before me.
When morning comes
black coffee drizzles
into a shiny, clear pot,
preparing to ignite my sleep laden spirit
I lean across the sink
and throw open the window
hoping to clear the fog from my head.
When morning comes
cool breezes caress
tender, dry, skin
anointing me with freshness
I offer my face
to the wide open window
rejoicing in the baptism of possibility~
when morning comes
Thank you, Poetry Thurdsay, for providing a safe place to share and experience the joys of poetry.

10 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday~When Morning Comes

  1. “the baptism of possibility” – what an inspired phrase.

    Wishing you more calming thoughts like these as you take a deep breath and head into another busy school year.

  2. Yes, having just read your previous post, I think “the baptism of possibility” is what it’s all about right now.

  3. I really like this! I also like to throw open a window in the morning and feel the air and inhale the freshness. And the “baptism of possibility” is a lovely line.

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