One Deep Breath-Daybreak

stumbling from bed
i bathe in your radiance
my sleepy soul awakes
bright eyed star
your brilliance hails the morn~
sunrise salutation
My day begins early, with a steaming cup of coffee which I carry to the living room, while Jim, Magic and Molly sleep contentedly in the warm spot I’ve left behind. Pulling open the vertical blinds, I’m usually greeted by this sparkling orb rising above the trees across the way. I lift my mug in a silent salute to this star of stars, thankful for another brilliant daybreak.


18 thoughts on “One Deep Breath-Daybreak

  1. ‘My sleepy soul awakes’….love this line. I too arise early with my mug of coffee while the household sleeps. It’s the most peaceful time of day, conducive to good meditation practice. Sunlight through the leaves is a wonderful poem all its own.

  2. your cheerful photo and words are a wonderful way to meet this new day!! from now on i too will salute the sun with my morning coffee each day when i first peak outside — it’s a beautiful gesture!

  3. What a nice way to begin the day. I become more an early riser each year and it’s almost always the morning sun that calls me.

    Your Haiku reads like something to be said to the sun in greeting each morning.

  4. I love the brevity of well-written haiku to evoke the exact feeling one is trying to share. This is so wonderful – stumbling, brilliance, radiance, salutation.

  5. I really like the images in both haiku. I especially like the lines ‘my sleepy soul awakes’ and ‘Sunrise salutation’.

  6. I, too, am a big fan of “sunrise salutation.” I also like the thought of bathing in the radiance. Both make me quite warm.

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