One Deep Breath-Evening

summer ends~

evening shadows

fall too soon

Just this week, there is a noticable difference in the length of days. By the time I’ve cleared up supper dishes and watered plants, the western sky has started to glower at me. Hurry up, it chides, put on your walking shoes or grab your bike, there’s not much time left before darkness swallows the sun.


5 thoughts on “One Deep Breath-Evening

  1. “before darkness swallows the sun” – love it!

    I, too, have noticed just this week how it is getting dark earlier and light later. It brings to mind that school will be starting again soon, hopefully the temperatures will start cooling off soon, and spending time outdoors will be more enjoyable once more.

  2. I wrote about something similar today. I couldn’t believe it was cold this morning. I actually put on fleece. Last week it was 80 when I got up. What a difference a week makes. Lovely picture and verse.

  3. You captured it! I was hoping the shorter days were my imagination, obviously not. It will be dark by 4:15, 4:30 here by winter…

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