I freely admit to being a notebook-a-holic. I suspect there are a few more of my ilk out there~you know who you are 😉 Of course, not just one notebook at a time will do. I usually have several going on at once, and they all serve very distinct purposes.

Like these….
The array of pastel colored beauties are my favorite kind for Morning Pages- the cover is vinyl, so it makes a hard surface of its own for writing on. And who can resist the great colors! I found a whole box of there at the Dollar Store~got so excited, I completely forgot everything else I intended to shop for!
Speaking of Morning Pages, it’s been one year this month since I started that practice. This pile of spiral notebooks is full of my morning thoughts for the past year…a very fine collection of drivel, I must say…

Certainly there are more noteworthy things in my life that just don’t fit into the morning pages category. So, for shopping lists, reminders about books I want to read, inspirational quotes, and doodles, I have this…
And of course, every aspiring writer absolutely must have one of these…the famous Moleskinerie. I use mine for jotting down ideas, rough drafts of poems, copying notes from writing books, etc.
I have one notebook that’s just too pretty to use. It was a Christmas gift from my father and his wife. I’m saving it for something really special…don’t know what just yet. Any ideas??
So, there you have it. My life in notebooks.
How about you?? Any other notebook-a-holics willing to come out of the closet and admit to their passion??

14 thoughts on “Notebookism

  1. Wonderful post and I especially like seeing the photos to illustrate!
    I have an idea for the “special notebook”… autobiography for someone special that…well, you know 🙂

  2. oooh, i love notebooks, too! and cards! my friend says i could open up a small stationary store with all of the blank books/paper i’ve accumulated. too bad i stopped writing my morning pages…i keep buying blank books faster than i can fill them up! hehe.

  3. My notebooks are usually not expensive because they intimidate me (like the one in your last photo), like whatever I might write would not be important enough or special enough to do it justice. I am guilty of having several ahead–I’ll buy one as a remembrance of somewhere I’ve been or because it’s a special occasion. I think you’re going to find lots of addicts commenting here 🙂

  4. I love school supplies, epecially notebooks and pens. Now I will have to find these for my collection. Great post.

  5. That last notebook is so beautiful I can’t imagine using it. lol

    Maybe a draft of one of your published novels to hand down to your kids. 🙂


  6. Oh yes, another notebook addict here. Small, shiny-covered gratitude journals; big, thick journals with collaged covers for my morning pages; hard-back notebooks for poems, work-in-progress and writers’ group meetings; fancy-covered notebooks to serve as Artist Way or special journals. And a stock of blank books of all sorts… just in case! I agree it’s hard to use a “too-fancy” notebook, though. Pity!

  7. My laptop is my notebook! But I do find myself fondling lovely notebooks and journal in Borders on a regular basis! xx, JP

  8. Ha! My name is bug, and I am a notebook-aholic. Though I have one notebook that I use for everything at a given time–morning pages, notes on my stories, to do list (the ones that don’t make the blog pages). I think my brain works better if I can keep everything in one spot… For your beautiful book, can you use it to write poetry or fiction? Or as a scrap book? I am a big believer in using pretty things–no use to save the china just for Thanksgiving!

  9. Yes, it’s just as I suspected – lots of you notebook addicts out there! Thanks for giving me more ideas about ways to use notebooks too – guess I’ll just have to go buy some more 🙂

  10. I love notebooks too though for poetry ideas I have a box full of scrap paper with scraps of poems written on it. This adds an element of randomness when I’m searching for ideas for a new poem.

  11. I’m way late to comment here, but I too an a notebook-aholic! I can’t resist them at school supply season–10 for a buck. I fill mine with morning pages, budgeting, favorite quotes, grocery lists, etc. I have at least 5 or 6 going right now, and if I can’t find one (sometimes my Morning Pages one), I’ll often just start another. Hey, they only cost 10 cents!

    Thanks for giving me a place to talk about my addiction…;-)

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