One Deep Breath-Architecture

Avebury, England, May 2005
stone circle
ancient spirits
wander here
faceless mystics~
set each stone
by hand?
This stone circle in Avebury fascinated me, just thinking about the reasons for the arranagement of stones, and wondering how in the world those ancient people got the stones in just that order. By the way, that’s not an ancient spirit dressed in black wandering among the stones – it’s just me 🙂
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14 thoughts on “One Deep Breath-Architecture

  1. Great choice for creative haiku Becca. Mysteries drive me nuts because I can’t figure them out. That’s probably why I don’t like magicians. lol HUGS

  2. I like your photo and poem. Nothing more intriguing than ancient mystical happenings in the UK. Good topic.

  3. I lve the magic and mystery of stone circles. I like Avebury a lot though its a long time since I’ve visited.

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