One Deep Breath-Color

Long before my CD alarm had the opportunity to wake me with something lovely from Chopin or Debussy, the chirping of my cell phone sent me roaring from my warm nest of blankets and puppies. An unusual phone call in the wee hours of the morning always induces panic – especially when one’s only child is on the other side of the world. Happily though, this call was nothing more than a bleary eyed teenager in search of someone named Devin.

Nonetheless, there would be no more sleep for me. Wrapping my flannel robe securely against the dampness of the winter morning, I pushed the start button on the coffeemaker and pulled open the blinds to greet the day.

stark winter white
unrelieved by color
crimson sun breaks through

We are in the midst of winter now, my entire world like a set from a vintage movie. Oddly enough, even the book I’m reading (Paint it Black, by Janet Finch) has a black and white cover. But thanks to that early phone call, I was up in time to see the only spot of color in the sky, a momentary blush as the sun passed through the thick cloud cover on its journey heavenward.

Determined to add some brightness to the dreary landscape, I filled two bright red mugs with coffee, laid them on a tray dressed in a colorful napkin, and carried them to the bedroom.

statement in stoneware
cheerful and warm
brightens the morning

Sipping my fragrant (black!) coffee, I surveyed the closet with a critical eye. My wardrobe definitely reflects my occupation – a performing musician wears a lot of black and white. Today, I was determined to add some color to my body – a bright turquoise sweater should do the trick nicely. And yes, there are earrings, a watch, and even a tiny turquoise bag to match.

reflecting desire
color of sky adorns me
my landscape brightens

So, armed with these touches of color, I’m ready to face the monochrome of my environment, sprinkling a bit of bright excitement into the greyness of the day.

I hope your day has its own CoLorFul moments…


22 thoughts on “One Deep Breath-Color

  1. I love the way you weave your poems through your post. BB does that too. It gives the reader a little background and allows us to share in the motivation behind your verses.

    We are deep in winter as well, icicles dripping like fake ornaments on a Christmas tree. The streets are finally cleared today but more is on the way (gahhhhh!)

    Thanks for the bright spot in my otherwise black and white day. 🙂

  2. When all around is monochrome ~ there is no reason why we can’t be that splash of colour on the landscape 🙂

    Great haibun, Becca!

  3. I agree with Star’s first sentence – your way of sharing your poems is very inclusive to the reader. I enjoy the sensation of peeking into a bit of someone’s day. Very nice haiku.

  4. Love the early morning journey you took me on. Puppies? what kind? I can relate to putting th e color on me with accessories during these last monochrome days of winter. Snow is making attempt this AM. BTW the red stems in my photo are red bark maple I believe. Native to the northwest.

  5. It’s so interesting the way you’ve blended delightful little details of your day and created wonderful haiku. And those middle of the night phone calls are scary, with a “child,” (adult or not) on a different continent!

  6. I loved this as well, becca- it’s always amazing how we can take the little things in life, like the colors of our coffee mugs, for granted. Thank you for inspiring me!

  7. Wonderful post! I really liked how you added the haiku here and there to illustrate your story. We all need a little color in our lives this time of year.

  8. what an interesting and effective technique. your poems and prose mesh really well. i particularly like the first haiku.

  9. I enjoyed reading this, seeing the little splashes of colour in your day – like a black and white photo with one coloured area.

  10. Wonderful colour Becca! Love the contrasts and comparisions. So good to be feeling better & reading your words again. Much peace & love, JP

  11. Oh, Becca this was so lovely. I enjoyed reading the stories behind every haiku. I could picture everything in my minds eye.

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