Poetry Thursday-The Body Knows

The body knows
in love’s first flush
where to cling
how to trust
the fiery pull
of limb to limb
the eager search
of groping hands
tracing patterns of delight
along its length and breadth
is all the body knows
The heart knows
on love’s long road
how to cleve
where to hold
each moment burned
in memory deep
of struggles shared
and joys to keep
reminders as we travel on
join two lives into one
is all the heart can know
The spirit knows
in heaven’s bower
where to seek
how to power
lovers lost to earth’s embrace
toward soul’s eternal wedded place
journey in this world unknown
seeking union deeply sewn
completing life’s eternal spire
joined body, heart, spirit, one
is all that love can know

15 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday-The Body Knows

  1. Beautiful words. The journey of bodies together when they realize there is more to this feeling, this “first flush”. Love all the stanzas, they flow with grace.

  2. I love how you’ve explored the many facets here, each one building upon the last and growing deeper.

    Beautifully expressed as usual.

  3. I’m with Paris Parfait on this one- very life-affirming. It was just so perfectly done, Becca, that I truly believed every word- thank you!

  4. ok..so I’m a perv….loved the body..passion part..love..ok..spirit..yea,yea,yea…but let get back to the first flush…Is it hot in here??

  5. “The body knows
    in love’s first flush
    where to cling”

    I dig those three too much. They can even be worked into a haiku (pun intended)

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