One Deep Breath-Spices

Our daughter in law is from Thailand, a country well known for the spiciness of its cuisine. When the four of us dine at a Thai restaurant here in the states, Jim and I always order our food “mildly” spiced. Brian has “graduated” to “medium,” but the server usually takes one look at Nantana and asks, “Very hot?” She simply nods her head in reply.

craves spice
hotter is better
pungent reminder of her home
my palate is mild mannered
cool flavors are best
at heart
Brian and Nantana are in Thailand now, where they celebrated Chinese New Year with some authentic Thai cuisine. Read more about their activities here.

24 thoughts on “One Deep Breath-Spices

  1. Hey, great picture, yummy fibs, and totally excellent innovations (color and inversion) complete the picture… I’m trying to stay purely appreciative without sliding over into jealousy…


    (Thanks for your kind comments on my fibs as well.)

  2. Very creative with the colors! And the pic looks so yummy! May have to take a trip to the Thai restaurant tonight!
    I loved the first one- there’s nothing better than food from your homeland!

  3. These are so wonderful because they are personal. I love that you’ve done two, one for the hot side and one for the mild.

    Thanks for sharing the spicy link.

  4. Love the contrast in your fibs (and the contrasting structure). Reminds me of once having dinner with Ethiopian friends, who had cooked. I took one bite and had to drink an entire glass of water.

  5. That looks yummy! I like how you used the two spicy fibs as a comparison between the tastes of you and your daughter. Btw, I love the pictures of your shih tzus on the sidebar (at least I think they are shih tzus). I have one of my own and grew up with two. They are the best dogs ever.

  6. Yum! I love spicy Thai food and anything Thai as a matter of fact! What a lucky family you are… Thailand is such lovely place with wonderful people…

  7. inverted form matches inverted palates…mirroring the contrast..but even better is your oh so subtle observation on our cooler western self-possession…yep

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