One Deep Breath-Twilight

summer time

filled with endless play
day stretches until dusk
street light’s amber glow
signals twilights arrival
mother calls me home
fresh from a cool bath
tucked snugly into bed
silver moon stands watch
What a pleasant memory – long summer days, when all the children in my neighborhood were allowed to stay out and play until dusk. The standard rule applied for all of us – when the streetlight’s came on, it was time to head home. Since I was the “good girl” I was always appointed lookout. One eye peeled toward the big lampost on the corner, I’d try to wring every last minute of play from the day. Someone’s mother (usually mine!) would start calling out our names, and we’d finally go racing toward open front doors, shouting breathlessly, “See you tomorrow!”
Inspiration from here; photo from here


22 thoughts on “One Deep Breath-Twilight

  1. I like all of these

    Again, it is such fun to see how people interpret the prompt. I have not yet written mine, but my mind immediately goes to nature and sunsets and such. So many (like you) have thought of play time. I love the diversity!

  2. Beautiful memories – and your haiku are great.
    We were carefree like that when I was young – but sadly today, my daughter can’t enjoy days like that.

  3. Becca,
    Oh golly, how I remember those marvelous summer evenings. You’ve haiku’d me to a simpler time of carefree childhood days.

  4. Very pleasant, nostalgic images. I especially like the last one: “fresh from a cool bath” is a wonderful line. It evokes summer and evening all by itself.

  5. I love your cheerful haiku. Just what we need during these dark days. The moon watching made my hair stand on end. Splendid!

  6. There was something about the space between supper and bedtime…not day, not yet night. Seemed like almost anything could happen and your description made it present again. Fun photo…looks like a just-opened carton of popsicles.

  7. “street light’s amber glow
    signals twilights arrival
    mother calls me home” I love this. It reminds me of that time in my life. Lovely.

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