One Deep Breath-New Year

shiny new calendar
empty squares
wait to be filled

endless possibilities
beckon like
glittering confetti

I love getting new calendars every year, all those clean pages with shiny new days hovering out there before me, just waiting to filled with interesting and exciting things.
Here are more inspiring thoughts on the new year


15 thoughts on “One Deep Breath-New Year

  1. I like the confetti in the second, such a bright celebration ushering in a new year.

    I have prepared my 2007 calendar with birthdays and anniversaries and such already, the rest remains to be filled.

    Wishing you many happy engagements to fill your year. 😀

  2. i love my new appointment book! it is lime green leather and small enough for my purse.

    i still need a calendar for my writing room wall. i’m alittle late…


  3. I like new calendars too – and your haiku, especially the last one, with endless possibilities! And confetti is always fun.

  4. Oh yes, a blank calendar is very enticing! Mine didn’t stay blank for long, I quickly wrote in the dates for our September holiday 🙂

  5. Really cool ‘kus. Love the confetti visual, too. I always wind up with a couple more calendars than I can use, but save them for the fabulous photos on them…to fill up my collages. 🙂

  6. Wonderfully optimistic poem … can’t wait to see what we fill up those squares with … WE are possibility, glittering and amazing. Much peace, love and New Year happinesss … JP

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