One Deep Breath-Storm

in dervishes
icy nettles
my cheeks
angry wind
my hair
in blazes
mother nature provided no inspiration on the subject of storms– it was a mild, sunny day graced with a cloudless blue sky~
but i’ve been caught out in a snowstorm or two, and i remember the frozen results only too well~
i also remember thawing in front of the fire, and how good it felt as the icy residue melted away, leaving me all mellow and warm, inside and out.

12 thoughts on “One Deep Breath-Storm

  1. this week’s haiku is like music and a dance! musical words like “dervishes”…and the whirling and swirling…you make storms sound like FUN! (well except for the “angry wind” part)

  2. This offers such a good contrast from the whirling, stinging cold to the warmth of thawing near a fire. That fire sounds so inviting.

    (I’m glad we don’t have that type of weather to contend with just yet.)

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