One Deep Breath-Legacy

fierce determination
to follow your dream
always inspires me

For the past 26 years, I’ve been amazed and inspired by my son’s determination and drive. When he makes a decision, whether it involves the educational path he plans to take, the work he wants to do, the type of car he drives, or choosing a life’s partner, he will move heaven and earth to make his dream happen. Throughout his life, his diligence, resourcefulness, and plain fearless hard work, have made me more proud than I can say. So, today’s haiku is in honor of his “reverse legacy” to me.


11 thoughts on “One Deep Breath-Legacy

  1. I agree with Dierdre, the person he is today is in direct proportion to your guidance without pushing.

    It sounds like you have every right to be proud of him.

  2. Becca, don’t you imagine he got alot that stuff from you?? I bet he did! Still, it is amazing though how much our children have to teach us! Lovely haiku!

  3. I think “reciprocal” is a more fitting description 🙂
    Beautiful in both the words you chose and the warm feelings they convey.
    (I’m home BTW and at work..ugh 🙂

  4. What a beautiful tribute to your son, filled with love and pride … reverse legacy … great concept! I like the synergy that’s implied, how we can give and receive legacies with and through our children. lovely, JP

  5. Great take on the prompt. I love the idea of a reverse legacy. My oldest daughter provides the same for me but I never thought of it as a legacy till now. Well done & thanks.

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