Sunday Scribblings-Nemesis

nemesis (nem-i-ses)>n., pl. -ses (-sez) 1. A source of downfall or ruin. 2. An implacable or unbeatable foe. 3. One that inflicts just retribution; avenger. 4. Nemesis Gk. Myth. The goddess of retributive justice or vengenance.
Time. The implacable, unbeatable foe that is, more often than not, my source of downfall and ruin.
From the moment I awake each day, it pursues me like a demon, nudging me while I drink my morning coffee, gaining on me as I finish my morning pages, and in flat out pursuit by the time I shower and dress for work.
For the next six or seven hours, I attempt to outwit it by doing several things at once – making phone calls while I’m driving (dangerous, I know, but after all, I’m at war here!), editing while eating lunch,working on my novel at the mall while my mother does her shopping. Still that evil enemy nips at my heels.
I haven’t quite figured out why she’s so hell bent on destroying me. I’ve never tried to cheat her by lying about my age, having plastic surgery, or dating younger men. I’ve never recklessly wasted her by sleeping until noon, or spending hours in front of the tv eating bonbons. And until recently, I seemed to be able to manage my time quite well – actually, used to have my days quite well controlled. Now it seems, time has taken control of me, and I’m constantly trying to outrun the clock.
Maybe that’s the goal – this nemesis time intends to make me surrender control of my life to the whims of the clock, to sacrifice doing the things I love in order to complete the ever increasing number of necessary tasks that fall to me each day.
No, I say! I refuse! I will take this demon time by the throat and make it work for me once more! If it means rising at the crack of dawn and staying awake until midnight, I will not have hours stolen from me!
There. I feel better. But, egad, I have to run! It’s nearly 5:00 and I haven’t started dinner yet, there’s still 1000 words left to write on my novel, I need to get a head start on work for next week, and I really should do some laundry. As usual, I’m running out of time…

10 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings-Nemesis

  1. If you’re rising at the crack of dawn and staying up until midnight, I think time is still winning the fight. I hope the two of you can come to some sort of agreement for the busy holiday season, or you’re liable to be celebrating while sick in bed.

  2. I can very much relate to this.
    You know…it’s been a long time since I’ve slept in. I wonder what it’s like…LOL! There are days when I am just trying to fit in all that I can possibly fit in…and then it’s dark, and then it’s time to eat dinner. What? I don’t have time to eat, I need to finish this first! 1 in the morning…oh yeah…I guess I should get some sleep.
    I often wish that days could be longer. Maybe just four more hours?

  3. Becca I just had your blog up on my screen when Susan called and we discussed that she might persuade you to come to Paris next time! 🙂 Your piece is a great take on the prompt – I totally agree, having just made a list of 23 things that absolutely must be accomplished within the next three days! Hope you have a good week ahead! xo

  4. You read me like a book… this post is me and my life and my eternal struggle against time… many thanks for putting to words the thoughts in my heart!

  5. Yikes! I’m exhausted. I say beat that nemesis to the ground and then sleep til noon and stay in your jammies for the rest of the day.

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