One Deep Breath – Come to Your Senses

Snowflakes gather
like silent stars
resting lightly on my shoulder
We had our first dusting of snow today, just a few soft, wet flakes that rested lightly on your body, and then dissolved in an instant. They were only the harbinger of stronger, more determined flakes yet to come that will blanket the ground with a silent covering of starry white.

18 thoughts on “One Deep Breath – Come to Your Senses

  1. silent stars resting on my shoulder …how absolutely beautiful, Becca! Wow, you have snow already … we generally get a bit spoiled her in the Pacific NW with late starts to the winter weather. Keep those stars, like angels, guiding you through the days. much peace, JP

  2. Gorgeous ode to the first snowfall – “the silent stars resting on my shoulder” is a beautiful image – and your poem and photo herald winter weather that I don’t expect to see here until late December! Merci!

  3. Lovely and poignant haiku, and I loved the photo. It is raining here and turning to snow as it falls, but nothing is staying on the ground. I do wish a little of the snow was staying here today.

  4. how i love that image of silent stars resting on your shoulder – makes me wish for a few of my own 🙂

    And well done with the nano word count so far – your progress has been pushing me forward – thank you!

    x x x x x

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