Sunday Scribblings-Morning

Bright star of morning,
your gentle prodding
urges me to rise~
make haste
for the day slips by so quickly
Silence in every room
waiting to be broken
invites me to listen~
quiet now
for many voices are speaking
Birds all atwitter
the coffee pot is bubbling
clock ticking the minutes
just wait
for this time is so rare
Bright star of morning
commands my attention
I must pay homage
stand still
for the sun has yet to rise

13 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings-Morning

  1. Good morning Becca. Lovely picture. This week’s topic has inspired some beautiful haikus and poetry. It’s like a double dose of One Deep Breath.

  2. I love the sights and sounds of your morning. The birds do seem to be atwitter even befoe the sun comes up.

    Your morning will be the perfect end to my day.

  3. I can smell the coffee. Good luck with your writing marathon–50,000 words is more than I could handle. Mark Twain once said, “If I had more time, I’d write less.”

  4. That is truly a magical poem. I keep having to read it again and again because it’s so real…
    Mornings are my favorite time of day…
    Thank you for this…

  5. These are all beautiful and I really love the last one. In the hot summers I would sit on our backyard ,
    in the some what cool mornings, and gaze upon the Bright star of morning watching it disappear with the sunrise. You expressed this so perfectly. Thanks for that gift.

  6. What beautiful words to begin the day with. I, too, love “silence…waiting to be broken.”

    And thank you for commenting on my “morning” as well. We are somewhat close; I’m in Warren. Nice to meet you, too, Becca!

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