One Deep Breath-Mystery

invisible artist
traces crystal patterns
on my window
icy filagree
frosting the lawn~
nature’s lace

I’m fascinated by the intricate patterns created by frost and snow, as if a mysterious artist were at work all night, patiently etching these delicate designs on the earth.

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11 thoughts on “One Deep Breath-Mystery

  1. Both your haiku are gorgeous! I love the lacy effect of frost on windows and covering trees, bushes, etc. Your haiku perfectly captures this elusive beauty.

  2. I love to look at frost patterns too. What determines the patterns they make

    And you’ve captured them so well in haiku. Loved “filagree frosting” and “nature’s icing”

    It was 22 degrees here this morning, so I’m guessing this pictures just might be possible where you are.

  3. This morning I got in my jeep and I sat there for a while looking at the ice crystals on the windows. I thought of how beautiful they were…each one so perfect…
    Your words fit that moment beautifully.

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