One Deep Breath-Delicious Autumn

Summer’s on the wane
green glory slipping into gold
harbinger of fall
A visual feast
nourishes my hungry soul
for the long winter

There’s no doubt about it, autumn is here. Daylight arrives later and later, while dusk falls earlier and earlier. I’ve been keeping my eye on this tree, which grows more crimson every day. I love the colors of fall, along with all the other delights of the season – new sweaters, fires in the hearth, hearty soups for dinner, and snuggling under the covers at night. From now on, I’ll be busy storing up all these delights in preparation for the dreary cold of winter.
for more haiku celebrating the deliciousness of autumn, go here

14 thoughts on “One Deep Breath-Delicious Autumn

  1. “harbinger.” Such a great word. Thanks for reminding me about soups! Another great fall thing. PS: How do you get your beautiful pictures on your blog?

  2. I am busy trying to store up all the vit. B from the last bit of sunshine on those bright fall sunny days. Then I’ll take to soups and fireplace. Love your haiku and the photo.

  3. the words you choose slay me every time 🙂 but the real charm of your writing is that you put them together so darn well! (that didn’t sound TOO envious, did it? 🙂

  4. yes, it’s a good excuse to indulge in comforting food! i like a bit of cullen skink with rustic bread! ;o)

    lovely haiku becca.

    hey, you could photograph your tree in its various stages through autumn. might look nice grouped together.

  5. Soups and fires are some of the compensations of winter – but open fires will be banned here soon, too much air pollution. Lovely haiku.

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